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pegleg jack:
how many of you out there wear the ICEROSS SILICONE LINERS, and have a red itchy rash around the top of your liner, i have come across a product that will relieve the itching, it is called HORSEMANS DREAM, and yes it is a product for using on horses, a lot of people us it down here to relieve their arthritis  pain, i use it to relieve the pain in my stumps when i over do it and it also calms my phantom pains down.

You can get at most tack shops, and i now that is say for animal use only and is not FDA approved, it works for me and it may not work for you, just thought that i would pass it on.

Thanks For the tip Jack. Sounds good!

I think I will get me some of that cream looks good to me for my hands.

Hi PJ... what's the active ingredient? MSM? I know that vets use that for horses with arthritis.

pegleg jack:
Pyourke, this is right off the bottle- aloe barbadensis leaf juice, isopropyul alcohol, isopropyl palmitate, propylene glycol, camphor, polysorbate 80 allantion, menthol, eucalyptus globulus oil. ascorbic acid, methylparaben, propylparaben, triethanolamine, carbomer

Itis a liniment, but it sure works for me to keep the bright red rash that shows up around the top of my liners from getting worse and itching real bad at night after i take my liners off.


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