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pegleg jack:
Hi to all, just read on my computer that eggs are good for you again, will try and copy and post it on here before they take if off.

Differant subject, had an small operation done on my ears yesterday and WOW what a difference it has made with my hearing, for some reason and we haven't found out yet my ears behind my ear drums filled up with water and after he drained them i can here things that i couldn't for the last few weeks. my head felt like it was in a bucket all the time.


Heeheehee, OBL!

PLJ, I thought: EGGS...what's that an acronym for?  And how'd that water get in there????  Ahh, is the weather still good enough for that pool of yours? 

pegleg jack:
Here is the URL for it documentid=100216117>1-31007

Hi Peg leg Jack - I have always liked eggs. I have at least 3 jumbo eggs with my breakfast every day although I have been reading for years that you should only have 3 per week. Do not have to feel guilty now? Herb


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