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pegleg jack:
Now is every one going to be good little boy and girls and run out and get thier flu shot, NOT ME,  i get one and i get sicker than a dead dog, was reading the local paper toniight and the CDC,  is starting to push flu shots agian, saying we cant go with them, i for one sure can and i am going bypass agian this year.

Well, I wouldn't tell anyone not to get one, but, me? I don't believe in them.  There are so many strains of flu and it's my understanding that the powers that be make up each season's flu shot, sort of gambling on which strain will be active this year...and they might not get the right one! 

Unless one is very weak, maybe elderly...maybe???  But in my opinion, we should do our very best to maintain a strong and healthy immune system: eat right, lots of veggies and fruits, know the drill...and get enough rest and strive for good health habits, like washing hands!   ;)

I've gotten one each year and so far haven't gotten sick from the shot or had the flu. My wife generally has a sore arm after the shot but hasn't had flu since we started either. I will continue to get them, even if the shot may not cover all types of flu. To me, being proactive is better than the alternative.

I started getting my flu shot 3 years ago when I had my amputation. I feel an ounce of prevention is.......well you know the rest.
A sore arm is a small price to pay to have a chance at not getting the flu. We can only hope that they got the correct strain covered. Each person can make up their own mind.

Dave S

Joe A.:
Fact is that flu shots just make weaker people and stronger flu's. Mo'Better to spend a few days with a box of Puffs and cartoons.


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