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Anyone know why I can't get online to Amputee OL Forum?

Ian moved the forum to a new URL. Here it is:

You'll likely have to reregister... I did.

Oh, hi Ann!  Thanks for asking.  Ian's in the process of starting over with a newer, better, fewer spammers forum, and the new address is:  I believe he will get the old one back up, just for the purpose of informing/redirecting.  But the new one is all squeaky clean...and very quiet, needing some action!  

PLJ: I hope you don't mind me posting this message.  I know I love "hopping" back and forth between forums.  They all have their own flavours and atmospheres! And lots of lovely folks and interesting information.  :) :)

pegleg jack:
Miff. there is no problem as far as i know, or can see, i am on about 6 or 7 differant forums right now, the only problems was having to reregister and redo my profile which i havent done yet. From what i understand and have read so far, unless he can retrieve it from the harddrive, i do think that old forum is history, i realize that there was a lot of good information on there, and was watching the member ship grow by large numbers every day, just before i was dumped the membership was half of what the number of post where.

As long as you are not trying to sell any thing i see no harm in posting differant URL's on here, if i am wrong the aministrators will surely inform me of it.


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