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Re: Retards and Democrats
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Trouble with flying these days, it takes lomger getting in and out of airports, thru elaborate security, sitting in que on runways, etc., longer than actual flying time.

Yes, we are blessed to have a variety of holiday and recreational choices.  National Parks, seashore, mountains, and sp on.  We're not big on gambling and all the glitz that goes with it, so we could care less about Vegas or Atlantic City, or any of the casinos cropping up in PA now.  To each his/her own.

Fi, sorry to hear about Brits being so provincial - but then there's a little water between the UK and the rest of Europe.  But, hey, with the Tunnel it shouldn't be too hard to get there. 

Sad to say, like you, I'm not fluent in any language than English.  I kick myself for not pursuing the Spanish I started in school.  Probably the most useful 2nd language for Americans these days.

And ..... in the places we traveled, they catered so much to English-speaking travelers, we could manage (with guides) in such countries as Russia, Greece, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.  I was surprised to find road signs in Greece in Greek and English, museum signs in Russia in Russian and English.  Practically everyone in Scandinavian countries is quite fluent in English.

Use an ATM in in UK and other places, the first screen usually lets you select from up to 8 languages,  Try that in the US.  Maybe "press 2 for Espanol" is as far as it goes.

I'm not complaining.  But maybe they've made it TOO easy for us lazy Americans.  Of course, if we have money to spend travelling, they'll try to make it easy for us to part with it, right?  I'm gratedul that we could do the traveling we did.
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Re: Retards and Democrats
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