Adjustable Ankles


Does anyone use an Adjustable Ankle such as:-
     - Ossur Elation
     - Endolite Brio
     - College Park Accent
     - Endolite Patient Adjustable Heel

Whats ppl's opinion on them?

don't forget about the Freedom Innovations -- RUNWAY

pegleg jack:
Golden M. you must have wore out your printer coping all this infromation that you are getting on here, i sure hope that it helps you out in making legs for your people.

And i  am going to let the cat out of the bag today, it is nice to have another CPO posting on here, so keep asking and if we can we will answer all of your questions to the best of our knowledge.


I am wearing Freedoms {RUNWAY} at the present time.  In fact I just got it.  I am having a hard time adjusting the heel & believe its defective.  I have told my leg-guy, but he says it's just me "even though he also" has a time to adjust it.

I like it for walking on even surfaces, but it does not do well on uneven ground.

I am going to write the company & see if they have any suggestions on adjusting the heel.


I had forgotten about the Runway
The feedback i've had is that its quite stiff.... and as you say, not so good on uneven surfaces!
on some of the Freedom Innovations feet there is a bumper between the 2 Carbon Fibre pieces which can be changed... also, your prosthetist has to choose the correct stiffness based on your weight an impact level - if its feeling stiff then it might be worth asking to check the keel stiffness

I've already made a few leaflets to give to new amputees regarding Cycling, Cosmesis and Components; based largely on the questions ppl are asking on the forum.... THANKS 4 THE HELP EVERYONE!


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