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Hi All - here is a MSNBC article about insurance and amputation  Herb

pegleg jack:
Herb, it is just another company that us amputee's must fight tooth and nail to get them to reallize that we are just as good as any AB is, but no they want to put us back in to the backroom agian, like we were 15 years ago. back they we were freaks and about the only place we could get a job was the circus side shows.

Thats why i am working with the ACA  and another group down here in TEXAS to get the parity bills passed.

These insurance company dont want to spend any money that they can give to their CEO'S in bonuses and servance pay, let a lone thier base pay, most of the are being over payed any how as far as i am concerned.

Something desperately needs to be done! this a a absolute shame for all us amputees. >:(


Do most of you that's on medicare here in the US also carry a supplemental policy plus a prescription policy?Thanks, ann

pegleg jack:
no ann i dont i just carry the supplemental policy and the prescriptions are included in it, right now i only by 3.00 for generic brand 30 day supply and one of my other i pay 30.00 for a 30 day supply. From what i understand it is if you are on MEDICARE and dont have the supplemental is that you need the part D. prescribtions policy. Check with your local social security office and they can tell everything that you need. I am happy with what i have now


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